Chuck Buser, classical guitarist and vocalist, has been providing wedding ceremony music in the Seattle and Tacoma area for over 20 years. He plays classical guitar, acoustic guitar and is also a seasoned pop-style vocalist, performing songs ranging from romantic ballads to rock to country. He has played at over 200 weddings and is an expert in how to best use music in wedding ceremonies.

Important Tips for Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music

“Music in a wedding is much like music in a romantic movie” says Chuck. “You want the music to help enhance the mood of the moment without overshadowing it.”

A good thing to keep in mind is that music at a wedding is different than at a concert. The focus is on the Bride and Groom, not the performers. Chuck is well experienced in making sure the music flows smoothly and the length of the song being performed matches the exact amount of time it needs to fit into. Oftentimes these adjustments have to be made “on the spot” during the wedding. We’ve all been to weddings where the music was longer than it should have been! Chuck’s experience prevents these awkward moments from ever happening.

Music needed for a wedding ceremony often includes-

• Prelude – Music played (usually instrumental) while guests are being seated.
• Processional – The Music played while the wedding party and the bride walk down the aisle. Medium tempo songs work best. When the Bride and Groom are in place, the song needs to conclude quickly and smoothly.
• Special song – Often performed in the middle of the Ceremony while an activity is taking place, such as candle lighting. Best place for a Romantic song.
• Recessional – Music played at the conclusion of wedding Ceremony, while the wedding party is leaving. Up-tempo, happy music.
• Postlude- Music being played while the guests are leaving.

Some couples come to Chuck and already know exactly what songs they want and where they want them, and others have no idea what music to have in their wedding. Chuck can help you customize your wedding music so that’s it’s just right for you.

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